We are an end to end mobile app incubation & development company. We have mobile app dev experience in multiple verticals such as finance, productiviy, social, healthacre, content delivery, multimedia,enterprise.

Strategy & App Design

We brainstorm with you on your idea to get the mobile strategy right. By focussing on target audience's needs and latest usability trends, we design user journeys and wireframes. Next attractive UI is applied to it to arrive at app design that is very easy to use and delightful.

Mobile App

Given our deep expertise in mobile app development, our team can develop custom native or hybrid apps for you. The app developed are compliant to the platform conventions and thus result in compatible and high performance mobile apps.

App Backend

We are server side development experts too. We define custom interfaces between app and server JSON/REST, develop efficient server logic and also deploy it on cloud.

Development Methodologies

We use Agile/Scrum based development, this ensures incremental releases every sprint, early customer feedback, higher quality and stable product creation. Detailed product backlog is drafted to ensure that the app specifications are disected upto last details prior to development. Customer change requests and problems reports are methodicall managed using Bugzilla or similar tools.

QA & Testing

QA & Testing are tightly integrated in our development cycle. Detailed test specification is created for your app and app is tested systematically during every sprint to have continuous progress and stable app throughout the dev cycle. In addition tool based code analysis, peer reviews and resource monitoring are performed to enhance app maturity. Due to such exhaustive QA and validation your app is reliable and has delightful user experience and thus are publishing ready.

Reporting & Analytics

Customers expect app usage & business insights for strategy and planning. We instrument the app and server to extract appropriate analytics, we also complement it with integrating 3'rd party analytics engines to obtain more insights, further, we provide custom dashboard and periodic reports to customers of the same.

Data Management Services

Many apps rely on uptodate content for providing maximum value to the app users. Our data management team is expert in acquiring content from range of sources, validating the content, re-purposing & populating it in the app's server. The content can be text, image or multimedia, re-purposing involves text update or even image editing.

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