Q. When was AppZoy Technologies started/founded?
AppZoy Technologies was founded in May 2013.

Q. Where are your offices located?
AppZoy's office is located in HSR Layout in Bangalore, India

Q. Which platforms do you develop apps for?
We develop both native and hybrid apps for Android, iOS and Tizen platforms.

Q. Does AppZoy also develop mobile app backend? What technologies are used for back-end development?
Yes, we also develop mobile app backend and do cloud hosting, this was we are 1 stop shop for our customers. For back-end development we use PHP, MongoDB/MySQL primarily.

Q. We have only high level idea of our app, can AppZoy still help is with the app?
Sure, we love using our product experience and participating in ideation phase with our customers. This phase usually results in broad contours of MVP of the app. Post this UX definition and app and backend development phase starts.

Q. What is typical process before project is kick started with?
Like the above

Q. How does AppZoy team execute the project? How does it keep customer updated?
AppZoy has adopted Agile Scrum methodology, projects are executed in periodic sprints. Sprint goals are aligned with customer representative and also customer is involved in sprint review. So, at the end of each sprint customers get latest status of app development.

Q. How does AppZoy ensure mobile app is mature and of high quality?
We ensure high quality apps by performing multi level QA. Complete source code is peer reviewed, it is also subjected to code profiling utilities to proactively identify issues. Next, it is subjected to rigorous testing using exhaustive test
specifications that are already aligned with the customer.

Q. How many apps has AppZoy developed so far?
Team AppZoy has developed 75+ mobile applications that are being used by 10+m happy users, these apps span across Android, iOS and Tizen platforms.

Q. Who/where are typical AppZoy customers?
Team AppZoy has had pleasure of woring with range of customers including 50% start-ups and 50% mid to large companies including couple of Forune 500 ones too. In terms of geographies AppZoy customers are from various countries such as Singapore, USA,India, Europe, Korea.

Q. How is AppZoy as workplace?
AppZoy takes pride that as workplace it is full of fun and learning while doing awesome development. AppZoians undergo super
professional development i.e. both technically and soft skills wise while working working at AppZoy i.e. by working on latest
technologies, interacting with customer teams nd various tech talks sessions.
All important individual, company and project occassions and milestones are celebrated with parties.

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